(Events and Festivals)
Festivals and events rich in local culture are held regularly throughout the seasons. Festivals that have a long history and are performed today like Kariwano's Giant Tug of War, Sasara Dance and the festival Bonden (an ornament used at festivals to bring good fortune) are important in retaining the colourful culture of the region.

25. Takigi Noh Performance *Noh Subscription Concert

Takigi Noh

The Takigi Noh performance is held twice a year at Mahoroba Karamatsu Noh Theater in Kyowa Sakai. The Takigi performance is held around the start of June, and the subscription performance is held at the end of August. Famous performers of the likes of Kitaryu and kanzeriryu are invited to perform two spectacular Noh performances.

26. Newcomers Music festival

Shinjin OngakusaiOutline
Held annually around the start of January at the Omagari Community Hall in Omagari-Hinodecho. This competition draws interest from all over Japan for two shows, the preliminary heat and the main performance of young up and coming Classical musicians.

27. Nangai Sake Summit

Held every year in March at the Nangai Community Center where the main event is tasting locally brewed sake, there is also the chance to try your hand at making pottery.

28. Donpan Festival

Donpan FestivalOutline
The Donpan Festival is held in the Donpan Common in front of the Nakasen branch office buildings in the Nakasen District. Home of the Donpan Melody this festival is held in Nakasen and the main event consists of the Donpan Dance traditional performing arts and there is also a fireworks display.

29. Akita Ohara Melody National Convention

Held at the Ota Culture Plaza annually in September. The Ohara Melody is an old hometown favorite and this event was started in 1995 with the intension of entertaining its followers and to further spread the songs popularity.

30. Designated important Japanese cultural assets
Kariwano's Giant Tug of War

Held on Omachi Dori, Kariwano Annually on the 10th of February. With over 500 years of tradition it is said that if the top end of town wins the bout then the price of rice will rise and if downtown wins then it is said to bring a plentiful harvest that year. The giant rope used (the male rope) measures approximately 64m in length and the female approximately 50m in length. The weight combined is approximately 10 tons and is the largest of its type in Japan.

31. Bonden River Crossing

Kawa wo wataru Bonden

On the 11th of February every year at Hanadate, colourful Bonden that are decorated around the local houses are shipped across the Omono River to be offered at the shrine at the peak of Mt Izu. There are many other Bonden Offerings in Japan however; there is only one that includes a river crossing.